Little boxes
Installation, hand drawn and stop-motion animation, video projection on cardboard boxes | Postanimation, desorienting effect, Ground Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, Russia - curator Nadezhda Svirskaya | Passage à découvert, UQAM Gallery, 2018 | Déballage, Echoppe Angus, 2017 | Robert Wolf Excellence Award 2018

The presented work is my first experience in which I have attempted to conjugate traditional hand drawn animation with a context of a contemporary art piece.

The project is based on three hand-drawn silent animated videos lasting from half a minute to a minute. The videos are stylistically integrated, but do not have a directly related plot or viewing sequence. Using projectors installed under the ceiling, a moving picture is played on repeat inside open cardboard boxes of different sizes standing on the floor. In one of them, the branches of a growing tree take the shape of a rectangle, trying to fit into the space of the box allotted to them. In another, a charcoal line of time replaces children rolling around on a scooter with a subway car filled with silent, motionless figures. In a third of the boxes, a character's thoughts blooming in multicolored clouds are ordered, turning into a cage which locks him up inside.

The title of the work is a reference to a song by Malvina Reynolds. A folk singer from the protesting seventies criticized in her work the monotonous, normative way of life of the bourgeoisie. In Little boxes, to the melody of a nursery rhyme, Malvina mocks the values and lifestyles of the inhabitants of the multicolored "little boxes," the monotonous postwar housing development in Daly City, California. Those habits represented the satiated comfort of prescribed life cycles.

The Little boxes project is a reflection on the theme of hyper-standardization of the processes of growing up, the shaping of the personality and the development of its life path in the modern world, which is formatted by educational requirements, socially approved rules of conduct, and endless bureaucratic restrictions.